Tea Creatures
Passion Project

Tea Creatures

Passion Project

Coffee & tea accessory e-commerce brand that helps save wildlife with each purchase. Founded 2016. 5,800 orders.

Tea Creatures began with a light foray into dropshipping. I wanted to test my design and marketing acumen with a fun business, so I spun up a Shopify website and started selling home goods. No one liked what I sold at first, but then I landed on some hilariously cute tea infusers and discovered I would be the first to sell anything like them in Australia. So I rebranded and launched Tea Creatures, and combined the wildlife-centric products with a good cause: saving wildlife! To date Tea Creatures has committed almost $A 6,000 to wildlife funds around the world. I even "adopted" a sloth from the WWF!

Some of Tea Creatures' products

I focused on building a minimalistic logo, color scheme, and website. I wanted to create a store and brand that appealed to any gender, was great to look at, and gave a nod to the animals. I think I did a pretty good job.

Tea Creatures' interaction guide

Eventually, I wanted to expand beyond tea infusers and home goods. I found that although people loved the products, repeat buyers were not as common as I'd have liked because the products were gifty knicknacks. So I sourced some incredible teas from a group in LA and set about to make some packaging that was just as good as the tea inside it.

This time, I think I did a really good job. Check out the copy I wrote on the left, too. It took me weeks to get it to a point that makes you really want to try the tea, but doesn't sound like a cringy romance novel. 

Tea boxes I designed and wrote copy for.

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