Secret Travel
Passion Project

Secret Travel

Passion Project

Welcome to a new world of travel. An app I created for fellow intrepid souls.19,500 monthly active users.

I came up with the logo whilst backpacking Australia.

About the App

Secret Travel is an app that tracks super cheap flight and hotel deals. Users can save up to 80% on domestic and international travel worldwide. Secret Travel experts find and post error fares, last-minute deals, and flash sales on an incredibly easy to use and beautiful interface backed by push, email, and text notifications.

I came up with the idea after learning about methods of air and hotel travel that saved me thousands of dollars over the years and finally brought together the right team to make it a reality. The app is finishing the final changes after a 50-person beta round.

What I did:
• Brand Creation
• Brand Styleguiding
• App Design
• App Development (React-Native)
• App Analytics/Conversion Tracking (Fabric)
• Alpha & Beta Test Facilitation (TestFlight)
• Database Architecture (Postgres)
• Server Architecture (Heroku + Cloudways)
• Website Design & Development
• Website Copywriting
• Website Analytics/Conversion Tracking
• Referral System Creation
• Marketing Funnel Automation
• Blog Design & Development
• Blog Article Writing

Don't be shy, download it on iOS or Android.

Some of my favorite screens in the app.

Incredibly, I haven't spent one dime on advertising. All of the downloads and traffic is via word of mouth and partnerships with a small amount of hostels in Spain, Australia, and the USA. I also launched with an early access referral program called Free Forever that had incredible results.

It costs money to maintain the server, but the average flight savings for Secret Travelers is about 27% when compared to Google Flights. I love the idea of sticking it to the airline companies and helping fellow travelers save some cash.

I did all of the copy writing on the site and even wrote an article when I launched that explains my reasoning for starting Secret Travel. All in all, I love working on it because it is a representation and illustration of my love for travel. And if I can help more people travel, it is time well spent.

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”
Martin buber
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