Unearthing Dirt Kitchen

Unearthing Dirt Kitchen

Product Ideation, Concepting, Marketing, Art Direction, E-Commerce

Unearthing a beautiful new brand, snack, and product innovation strategy for a $78B company.

I worked together with a small team of consultants (3 total) and leadership at Mondelez's newly created innovation team, Snack Futures, in the birthing of a new healthy snack brand called Dirt Kitchen. The brand represents a tectonic shift within the company towards bringing healthy snacking brands to market rapidly and with a fail-fast "startup" mentality.

Our team planned and led consumer focus groups and sampling; developed product strategy, provided art & packaging direction; and wrote and executed a stealth-launch marketing plan that resulted in a resoundingly successful learning phase for the brand.

Along with leading the test-and-learn launch of the brand, I was individually responsible for the paid advertising strategy, deployment, and budget optimization. This included creating test plans for A/B testing and dynamic creative campaigns for romance copy, functional copy, product images and video, and pricing. In each phase of the project, I wrote KPI reports and recommendation for art and copy direction which led to a 65% increase in ROAS and will be used in a full national product launch.

The initiative was powered by a brand new direct-to-consumer supply chain and e-commerce strategy that I led. As part of the e-commerce strategy, I developed a beautiful and veggie-centric website that was well-received, all the way up to Mondelez's c-suite.

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